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Coating Inspection

From the biggest infrastructure projects to our daily consumer gadgets, most manufactured surfaces feature anti-rust, decorative or other coatings. The smallest imperfection of this protective layer could trigger long term problems and drive up repair costs. Preventing this damage using Elcometer adhesion testers will protect your investment in the long term.

Quality tests of the coating clearly indicate existing and/or potential damage, help identify weak areas of bondage between surfaces and their coating, or between layers of coating, or the consistency of bonding properties of some surfaces. Testing coated surfaces often is important in order to schedule check-up and repair routines, thus preventing the costly coating damage and its consequences.

With a range of products specifically developed to meet the needs of the coatings industry, Elcometer is well-positioned to provide you with the solution to your coating inspection requirements – whatever and wherever they might be.

The coating process requires inspection at every stage to ensure compliance with the specification. From the preparation of the surface to be coated, through climatic condition monitoring to the dry film thickness evaluation, visual assessment and gauge-based testing will ensure adequate process control.

For steel surface preparation, the removal of rust and other contamination and the creation of a surface profile is required to enhance the adhesion of the applied coatings. Elcometer offers a range of visual standards for rust removal and a simple test for dust on blast-cleaned surfaces. In order to determine the level of soluble salt contamination of the blast cleaned surface, a range of salt contamination methods are available including the Bresle Patch Method, the Saturated Filter Paper method, and the chloride-specific titration tube method.


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