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How to measure the thickness of a pipe, a storage tank, or any material when you only have access to only one side?

With a pre-set measurement rate of 4 readings per second (4Hz), the Elcometer MTG2 can measure uncoated steel up to 500mm (20”) thick, with a maximum accuracy of ±1% across its range.

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Taking a reading couldn’t be easier – using a small amount of ultrasonic couplant, press the dual-element transducer flat against the surface. When the transducer is placed correctly on the material, the reading stability indicator shows how strong the ultrasonic signal is – a full bar means a strong signal; ensuring accurate, reliable measurements.

With a pre-set measurement rate of 4 readings per second (4Hz), the Elcometer MTG2 can measure uncoated steel up to 500mm (20”) thick, with a maximum accuracy of ±1% across its range.

And maintaining the gauge’s accuracy couldn’t be easier. Pre-calibrated specifically for steel, the Elcometer MTG2 is ready for use straight out of the box. Simply zero-point calibrate using the integrated zero disc, to ensure accuracy at all times.

You can connect the Elcometer MTG2 to a computer using a USB cable, and you can transfer your readings live to ElcoMaster, Elcometer’s free software for PC – along with all of your other inspection data; such as surface profile or surface cleanliness readings, among others – to generate professional inspection reports, instantly.

But what if you want to non-destructively measure the thickness of a material that’s already been coated? Or measure materials other than steel, such as aluminum, copper, plastics, porcelain or epoxies for example? That’s where the Elcometer MTG4, MTG6, and MTG8 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauges come in.

With the ability to measure the thickness or sound velocity of most materials – such as metals, plastics, glass, epoxies, and ceramics – the Elcometer MTG range uses a dual element transducer, and a small amount of ultrasonic couplant, to measure the substrate thickness, even when it is coated with up to 2mm of paint; ideal for when you need to measure the thickness of a coated material without damaging the coating.

If you are measuring large surface areas, the Elcometer MT6 and MTG8 have scan mode, where you can scrub the transducer over the test area, and the gauges will display the average, lowest, and highest thicknesses across the scanned area.

Using the Elcometer MTG8’s differential mode, which displays the last reading, and how much it differs from the user-definable nominal value – also known as the target thickness – you get an instant indication of where the material is thicker or thinner than expected. The Elcometer MTG8 also has B-Scan, which shows any changes in the material thickness, visually, as you move across the surface – ideal for quickly identifying large changes in depth within the material.


What’s more, the Elcometer MTG8’s ability to set high and low limits, means that whenever a reading exceeds the range, the gauge gives you an audio and visual warning, clearly highlighting any problem areas, instantly.

The Elcometer MTG8 also allows you to program up to 3 calibration memories, so you can select a saved calibration method without the need to re-calibrate the gauge.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MTG8


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