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Calculating dew point from relative humidity and temperature

To  perform this measurement, you would need a whirling hygrometer (sling pyschrometer) such as Elcometer 116.

Use it to establish the wet bulb and dry bulb temperature, and then calculate humidity and dewpoint temperature. You can use a conversion tables, such as ones supplied with the Elcometer 116. Alternatively, you can follow this easy procedure using Elcometer 114 Dew Point Calculator:

1. Obtain the measurement using a whirl hygrometer. For exemple, If these are wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures: wet-bulb-dry-bulb-temperature,
Look at the top half of the disc on the Elcometer 114 Dew Point Calculator,  find scale 1 on top, and align the wet bulb temp. with the dry bulb temp. dew-point-calculation

In scale 2, locate the wet bulb temperature again, and read the corresponding measurement. This is the dewpoint temperature. dewpoint-calculation-Elcometer

2.Secondly, looking at the bottom half of the disc, on scale 3, align the dewpoint temperature with the dry bulb temperature. wet-bulb-dry-bulb-Elcometer-calculation

This reveals your relative humidity in the window above:  relative-humidity


Dewpoint Calculator | Elcometer 114

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