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Elcometer Wet Film Thickness Gauge

Measuring wet film: excess coating negatively affects the longevity and the finish of the product

Too much of wet film can result in cracks when dry; too little film increases the risk of insufficient protection and rust spots. For powder coatings, the right thickness of applied powder is just as crucial: excessive powder means poor adhesion, and not enough – discoloration and less gloss.

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  • Non-Contact Powder Thickness Gauge + Laser Targeting System

    Elcometer 550
    Accurately predicts cured coating thickness by non-contact measurement of coating powders

    Elcometer distributor Test Coatings
    $15,550.00 CAD
  • Long Edge Wet Film Combs

    Elcometer 3238
    wire eroded to provide an accuracy of ±2.5µm (0.01mil)

    Elcometer wet film comb Testcoatings
    $198.52 CAD$413.35 CAD
  • Wet Film Wheels - Imperial

    Elcometer 3230
    Key to ensuring that a coating is applied with correct thickness

    3230-wet-film-wheel Testcoatings
    $384.79 CAD$770.95 CAD
  • Wet Film Wheels - Metric

    Elcometer 3230
    By rolling the gauge through a wet coating, the center wheel eventually touches the film. This point on the scale indicates the thickness.

    3230-wet-film-wheel Testcoatings
    $384.79 CAD$770.95 CAD
  • Pfund Thickness Gauge

    Elcometer 3233
    A spherical glass lens, which has engraved measurements, is fitted to the end of the central cylinder and when pressed into the wet film

    Elcometer probe
    $770.95 CAD$1,056.48 CAD
  • Elcometer Aluminium Wet Film Comb

    Elcometer 112AL
    Low-cost method of measuring the wet film thickness

    $235.23 CAD

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