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Climatic testing - relative humidity meters & more

Observing climatic conditions like temperature, relative stickiness, dew point and dampness is imperative for the successful adhesion of a coating.

These parameters are measured by  relative humidity meters and decide both the conditions for use and the subsequent quality and performance of the coated item.

In case of protective coatings, dampness can appear on the surface when temperature is sufficiently low and cause condensation. The dewpoint temperature (Td) is the point when this happens.

Dew Point Meters (relative humidity meters)

Dewpoint Temperature is calculated by recording the surface temp (Ts) vs air temp (Ta) and its relative humidity (%RH). This difference (TΔ) is the determining factor in surface readiness for coating application. The Elcometer 319 dew point meter can be used as a hand-held gauge or a stand alone data logger – ideal for monitoring climatic conditions over a period of time. The Elcometer 114 Dew Point Calculator provides accurate values of Dewpoint and Relative Humidity (RH) from the wet and dry bulb temperatures measured by a Whirling or Sling Hygrometers / relative humidity meters.


The Elcometer 308 digital hygrometer has been specifically designed for use in very hot climates where the surface temperature of the substrate can exceed the paint manufacturer’s recommended limits for successful painting Surface Temperature (Ts).


The Elcometer 410 anemometer is a portable, pocket size instrument for taking accurate readings of wind speed.

The lightweight impeller with high precision jewel bearings provides very accurate airflow measurements even at low speeds. The anemometer’s impeller can easily be replaced without the need to return the unit to Elcometer.

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