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Adhesion Testers

Adhesion testers make sure that surface readiness and its coating are conforming to specified measurements.

From the biggest infrastructure projects to our daily consumer gadgets, most manufactured surfaces feature an anti-rust, decorative or other  coating. Smallest imperfection of this protective layer could trigger long term problems and drive up repair costs. Preventing this damage using adhesion testers will protect your investment in the long term.

Quality tests of the coating clearly indicates existing and/or potential damage, helps identify weak areas of bondage between surfaces and their coating, or between layers of coating, or the consistency of bonding properties of some surfaces. Testing coated surfaces often is important in order to schedule check-up and repair routines, thus preventing the costly coating damage and its consequences.

Adhesion testing

Elcometer is a forerunner in surface testing, known for longevity and ruggedness of its products and consistency of their performance.

Featuring Elcometer 510 for use on flat or curved substrate application, Elcometer 107 for thin, thick or tough coatings on all surfaces, and Elcometer 108, ideal for coatings on tanks, pipelines, etc.

PDF VERSION – PRINTABLE MANUAL: Adhesion testers on concrete

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