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Fast, extremely powerful and versatile, Elcomaster app is free to download form Google Play or Apple App stores.

Whether you’re checking climate conditions or profile, surface cleanness or thickness, testing adhesion or gloss, the amount of readings is usually defined in advance. Knowing how to inspect the object, where to inspect it, and how many readings to take, is usually determined by a diagram or a  drawing with ‘X’ marks showing the inspection spots.

By using ElcoMaster Collection template feature, you know exactly where the next measurement will be, as each set of ‘X’ spots is stored digitally along with the drawing of the inspected object. To create this drawing in our ElcoMaster application, you need to create a template, transfer it to a mobile device, and follow it on-screen while taking measurements. When done, press and hold on your batch to generate a report.

How to design this template so it’s ready to guide your inspection?

1. Open Elcomaster on your PC

2. In ‘Library’ tab, go ‘New’ then ‘Collect Design’.
3. Provide a name for the template
4. Next, select batch type, ex: dry film thickness, surface profile, or other
5. Choose up to 3 parameters to record, like ‘dew point’, ‘humidity’ etc. You can always correct your choice by de-selecting / re-selecting a parameter.
6. Next, select a photo, CAD drawing or another representation of the subject being tested (‘Browse’, ‘Open’).
7. Next, specify a number of recordings to be taken, and enter the limits you wish to apply. If not applying limits or using those set on the gauge leave them blank.
8. Next, choose the prompt option offered by the app, and click ‘Finish’.
9. Elcomaster will open the Design Collect screen, with numbered squares on the left, representing the inspection spots to be applied to the drawing.

Simply click, drag and drop them on the image to determine the placement and order in which the measurements are to be taken. Once placed, these squares can be resized at will, or re-positioned. To add more inspection spots, click on ‘Properties’ on top and change any settings. When done, click ‘Save’ in the top left corner, and close the Design Collect window. You can always revisit these settings by right clicking the template name and choosing ‘edit’.
10. You can now proceed with taking readings of the specified reading spots.
11. You can easily send a template from your PC to your associate’s mobile by copying to the Cloud Collects folder on the PC. It will appear in the ‘Library’ tab on the mobile device. To follow a template Live, tap on the ‘I’ button next to statistics, choose ‘Collects’ and select a template you wish to follow.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJX4tPcgg18