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Surface Contamination

Surfaces can be contaminated in many different ways and our Salt Contamination Meter among other tools can to provide a rich variety of solutions for your particular process.


Our best selling salt contamination meter kits are the ones that measure salt levels. Salt constitutes such as sulfates, nitrates and chlorides add to conductivity of the solution. We offer a few different conductivity measuring kits, including our latest digital Elcometer 130 Salt Contamination Meter, with Bresle path method.

Salt contamination meterWe also offer Elcometer 139 Amine Blush Chip Screen Test Kit and Elcometer 139 Amine Blush Swab Test Kit for field tests for uncured Amines.

With these tools, you can perform quick colorimetric tests designed to perform rapid analysis of amine blush (carbamates) on a given coating surface. These are first Amine Bush kits on the on the market that eliminate false positive results caused by PH levels.

The Elcometer 142 Dust Tape Test kit analyses dust particles on surfaces prior to painting (their quantity and size). The accompanying Elcometer 145 Dust Tape Roller presses the Dust Tape to the surface using measured constant force according to BS EN ISO 8502-3 (BS 7079-B3:199).

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