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Pinhole & Porosity | Holiday Test

Diagnose early onset of surface corrosion and paint defects due to faulty coating, having cracks, insufficient or excessive thickness.


Holiday Detector to the rescue! We specialize in instruments that identify coating defects after curing. Designed and manufactured to last, impact- and water-resistant, our coating inspectors range of Pulsed DE, DE and low voltage Holiday Detectors are state-of-the-art instruments designed to impress the most stringent user. User-friendly design and numerous detachable probes make our pinhole detectors the most efficient and versatile line in the industry.

The principal problems our coating detectors address are:

  • Runny and soggy coating: gravity pulls coating creating uneven thickness
  • Cissing: uneven surface caused by visible traces of air bubbles on the coating
  • Cratering: If the sub-coating surface is humid or the coat is lacking quality, gaps appear in the coating.
  • Pinholes: Generated by captured air or dust particles coming to the surface
  • Over Coating: Excessive coating application, resulting in paint cracking during or after its curing
  • Under Coating: Lack of coating in pointy or uneven areas such as corners, welding or rough surfaces.

Holiday Detector

Elcometer 280 how to

Holiday detection like Elcometer 270 and Elcometer 280 is a non-destructive inspection method practiced to reveal pinholes, voids and other imperfections in coating. It consists of running electric current and using its flow to reveal imperfections. This testing can find gaps in coating that are invisible to human eye. It is frequently used on tank interiors, chemical storage containers and underground structures, in order to protect them from their aggressive environment.

Pinhole detector

This method is used to monitor the coating quality all throughout its service life. We offer a variety of Pinhole detectors from the inexpensive UV Pinhole Detector Flashlight to the Elcometer 270, or the full Pinhole Detector Inspectors Kit.

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